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Thousands of organizations are using digital awards like Mozilla Open Badges to recognize learning and achievement. BadgeUp lets you do more with your Open Badges!

With a free BadgeUp account, you’ll have a free, easy to use way to securely store your badges and share them with the people you choose.


Unlock the possibilities contained in your Open Badges

Add badges in one simple step

BadgeUp makes it super simple to add badges to your collection, wherever they were awarded.

Build badge collections

Organize and categorize your badges for different audiences and purposes with custom badge collections.

Customize & share collections

Customize how your badge collections are displayed and share them with custom views, templates and styles.

Use your badges

Do more with your badges in the real world! Print them, download them, and share them with others.


Add your own commentary

Use badges to tell stories about your personal skills and development by adding contextual commentary.

Personalized interface

Choose how much detail you want to see when viewing your badges, and save your viewing preferences.


Export your badges

Your badges will never be trapped - export and download them in Open Badge format any time you want.

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An elegant, easy-to-use interface


Do you develop or manage tools that work with open badges? We are currently working on BadgeUp integrations. Please contact us for further details.

Use our "backpack"

Let your users do more with badges you award by pushing them to BadgeUp.

Badge design and issuing

Tools for admin users to design stunning badge images, manage criteria and award badges.

Share from BadgeUp

Let BadgeUp users push their shared collections into your application or site.